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SubjUS-NK Summit
Lee Lofaso wrote to Robert Bashe on Wednesday June 13 2018 at 18:19:

RB>>>> Remember Neville Chaimberlain?

BF>>> TTBOMK Neville Chamberlain(sic) was never a POTUS.

RB>> You attempt to distract.

LL> At the time, the USA was in a very isolationist mood, wanting to stay
LL> out of foreign conflicts, including those in Europe.

_Particularly_ those in Europe. And those isolationists included people like
Charles Lingbergh and Henry ´Ford, not exactly insignificant figures at the
time. In particular, Americans were not enthusiastic about losing thousands or
even millions of "doughboys" as in WWI. They were fed up with Europe and would
have liked to let the Europeans kill each other without American help.

LL> That all changed after the events at Pearl Harbor. But maybe that was
LL> due to what FDR had done, forcing Japan to make a move.

"Forcing" Japan? Yeah, sure. The oil embargo put pressure on the Japanese, but
in no way "forced" them to attack Pearl Harbor. In fact, there were Japanese
military people who were against the attack, noting that if the USA could not
be eliminated from the Pacific in the strike, the Japanese would inevitably
lose a war in the long run simply because of the military might of the USA.
Which turned out to be true.

Cheers, Bob

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