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SubjUS-NK Summit
Lee Lofaso wrote to Robert Bashe on Wednesday June 13 2018 at 18:18:

LL> What a novel way to dishonor our beautiful flag, on a worldwide stage.

Lee, your "beautiful flag" was already "honored" in VietNam, Afghanistan, Iraq,
Panama, Chilie, Haiti, Cuba and any number of other countries. No use weeping
about such things at this point. There's a good reason why the USA has such a
bad reputation in South America.

I also wish it weren't so, but as a realist I have to see the facts. And as an
ex-American, I am definitely NOT "anti-American". If you care to dispute that,
just look at ex-President Bill Clinton, who escaped the VietNam draft by
leaving the USA. Was he vilified or prosecuted?

Cheers, Bob

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