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SubjZC1 election
-=> Robert Bashe wrote to Bill McGarrity on 06-13-18 11:25 <=-

RB> Bill McGarrity wrote to Ward Dossche on Tuesday June 12 2018 at 15:21:

WD>> And a ZC1-election definitely does concern me and everyone else in
WD>> this hobby.

BM> Actually the ZC1 election shouldn't concern anyone outside of Z1. It's
BM> the winner of said election where yours and everyone else outside of
BM> Z1 should be concerned if indeed that said person was not qualified.
BM> In this election, that was not the case. So your concern is moot.

RB> I tend to agree. Ward's "concern", meaning interest, is certainly
RB> justified, but anything that smacks of interference is definitely out
RB> of place.

His "interest" was not limited to him alone. Notice the 'everyone else'.

RB> The only situation in which anyoue outside Z1 should be "concerned" in
RB> the sense of "worried" would be if a totally incompetent, rabidly
RB> anti-other-zone person were to be elected, one who was unwilling and/or
RB> incapable of dealing with the other zones and would thus impair the
RB> international structure of fido.

Oh I agree, but as everyone already knows, the two candidates were extremely
qualified and once that was known outside of Z1, which is well documented, then
their 'concerns' should have subsided.

RB> I personally see no such danger and thus am for a "hands-off" policy
RB> for people outside the zone. Opinions are free, and everyone is free to
RB> express them. But overt criticism or attempts at interference should be
RB> avoided.

Which seemed to be the case when an issue arose and everyone put their 2 cents
in. The issue was handled internally by the constituents and we moved on
electing a new Z1C who received a substantial majority of the votes. There was
no need for the snide remarks from a few. That's all I'm trying to say.

Be well...



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