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Hello Robert!

13 Jun 18 11:32, Robert Bashe wrote to David Drummond:

RB> Of course. All I have to do is look at the German Bundestag to
RB> realize that. Ever hear of "Fraktionszwang"? That means a
RB> representative MUST vote according to the recommendation of his/her
RB> group in parliament, regardless of his/her personal conviction.

Which does not exist by law in Germany. Please read Art. 38 of the Grundgesetz,
it clearly states that all representatives are free. No-one "MUST vote"
according to any group.

RB> That
RB> naturally contradicts the rule that a representative is subject only
RB> to his/her own conscience (in the German Grundgesetz or
RB> constitution), but who cares? Anyone who dares defy the
RB> Fraktionszwang will find themselves looking for a job (and having to
RB> _work_ UGH!) come the next election.

Sure, if you're constantly voting against the majority of your party, they'll
think twice before they support you running on one of their lists next time. No
big wonder, ain't it?


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