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SubjUS-NK Summit
Hello Bob,

LL>> "It is an honor ..."
LL>> ~ Donald Trump to Kim Jong-Un, June 11, 2018

LL>> Think of the outrage had FDR greeted Adolf Hitler with those words.

RB> Remember Neville Chaimberlain? FDR wasn't even involved befor 1939.

Neville Chamberlain was never POTUS or Leader of the Free World.

LL>> For a US president to shake hands with a dictator, and refuse to even
LL>> bring up the subject of human rights, is appalling.

RB> But realistic. That was the real surprise.

I am not critical of Trump for meeting with Kim. Only in how
he greeted him. And for his refusal to bring up human rights as
an issue.

LL>> And truly despicable to tell that dictator live on camera for all the
LL>> world to see, what an honor it is to meet him.

RB> Would you have preferred no meeting at all?

It is a trade-off. Kim wanted something from Trump. Trump wanted
something from Kim. Is it a zero-sum game? No. Somebody wins.
Somebody loses. Who is the biggest winner? That would be China.

Had Winston Churchill met with Adolf Hitler, what would have
been the likely result? Would he have negotiated a surrender?

Historians have documented Churchill as having plans to evacuate
the cities, and have citizens conduct guerrilla warfare against Nazi
soldiers in occupied England. The war did not progress to that
point, but it was a fear among many.

RB> Aside from which, the above quotation is diplomatese and means nothing.

For Koreans who have escaped the brutal regime, it was a sickening
sight. For them, the US President represented freedom from tyrrany.
He was supposed to be the Leader of the Free World.

LL>> It was a sight that made me want to puke.

RB> Then go right ahead. Some progress is better than none at all.

Winston Churchill was a drunkard. Donald Trump is not.
Winston Churchill was no idiot. Donald Trump most definitely is.

RB> You might be surprised at how many dictators the USA has supported and
RB> feted over the years, in the national interest.

There are dictators, and there are dictators.
There are dictators who are our friends, and there are
dictators who are not our friends. Donald Trump wants
to be every dictator's very best friend.


Often Licked, Never Beaten

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