FromJanis Kracht1:261/38.0Date Write2018-06-01 14:14:20
ToBjörn Felten0:0/0.0Date Arrived2018-06-01 21:20:02
SubjKeeping it private
> Now that the old NAB has been reduced to one single node

Oh illustrious and fearless editor of Fidonews, you are misinformed.

The NAB is not a single node:

Zone Hubs:
Northwest Star Dallas Hinton 1:153/7715
Northeast Star Janis Kracht 1:261/38
SouthEast Star Mark Lewis 1:3634/12

> (that seems to be
> stepping back)

Nor are any of the Zone Hubs stepping back...

Where do you get that koolaid? Lol

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