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SubjKeeping it private

Hello Bjorn!

01 Jun 18 14:08, you wrote to Carol Shenkenberger:

CS>> Times have changed and I have a hard time recalling when a member
CS>> of my
BF> net
CS>> last netmailed me. Email? All the time if they have a problem
CS>> and need help.

BF> I sure would have wanted to take part of your Z1_ELECTION echo just
BF> to give an outside view to contemplate, but I guess it all boils down
BF> to the DDR and North Korea issue that I wrote about earlier here...?

Countries have laws that prohibit outside interference in their elections (No
one should be more aware of this fact than US Citizens over the last year or
so). *C elections should be no different. If Z1 wanted to elect a Welsh Corgi
as our ZC, as long as it was capable of compiling a nodelist and perform the
other duties required, that would be the end of it.


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