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SubjKeeping it private
CS> Times have changed and I have a hard time recalling when a member of my
CS> last netmailed me. Email? All the time if they have a problem and need
CS> help.

Times have changed even in Fidonet, that's for sure.

Did anybody question the Z1C candidates about what they think about the

Now that the old NAB has been reduced to one single node (that seems to be
stepping back) are any of the candidates familiar with that new "invention",
the best thing that's happened to Fidonet after binkp IMHO?

Or are most of the Z1 sysops still convinced that the star configuration
from the 20th century is the only way to go?

I sure would have wanted to take part of your Z1_ELECTION echo just to give
an outside view to contemplate, but I guess it all boils down to the DDR and
North Korea issue that I wrote about earlier here...?


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