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SubjRoyalty Worshippers
Hello Bj”rn,

WD>>> I'd never do that.

MM>> But you probably would get up at 4am if your binkd server crashed (and
MM>> you knew about it).

BF> But surely you appreciate that such a thing is much more important than a
BF> Royal wedding?

MM>> Let people enjoy things.

BF> BOC. But what I think Ward is thinking about is the various accusations
BF> a few USAians posted in various echoes about how us piss-ant little
BF> countries in Europe are Royalty Worshippers.

From a "few" - but nowhere near a majority.

BF> When in fact, most of us don't give a shit.

Same as most here and everywhere else.

BF> Almost all Royalties over here are just for show, they have zero power to
BF> anything.

Except the King of Siam, until he met that certain lady who
took his breath away ...

BF> Yes, we have a lot of constitutional monarchies, but the real power is
BF> within our parliaments. We kinda prefer that rather having a buffoon
BF> elected by some 25% of the people having too much power.

Most people, both here and abroad, have never bothered to read
the Declaration of Independence. Thomas Jefferson & Co. were not
kind in words about the King of England. Nasty, nasty. A few
years later came the US Constitution. Note the least important
job noted was the President. The most important figure was that
of US Representative.

US Representative mentioned first, President of the US mentioned
sixth (last). With the office of the presidency having the weakest
powers. Probably a safeguard against some buffoon managing to get
the job.

Time for the Preakness, the second leg of the Triple Crown.


Often Licked, Never Beaten

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