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SubjOperation Northwoods v.2
Hello Bj”rn,

LL>> A president takes an oath to "preserve, protect and defend the
LL>> Constitution of the United States" - from all enemies, both foreign
LL>> and domestic.

LL>> Anything less would be grounds for treason.

BF> Nevertheless Operation Northwoods


BF> ...were actually planned. By then Cuba was the "target".

Although I prefer Howard Zinn's "A People's History of the United
States", there are histories written by other authors that reveal what
teachers did not tell us in school.

Not everything you think is secret is acrually secret. The truth
is out there, you just have to know (or learn) where to look.

BF> What prevented the US government from targeting Iraq, in order to take
BF> control of the huge oil reserves there, with the same plan?

Nothing. Whether for the reason(s) you cited, or for other reasons.
Or even for no reason at all. It was done because it could be done.

All wars are economic. The invasion of Iraq was no different.
Regardless of whatever excuses GWB gave. We all know there were
no "stockpiles of WMD" that GWB claimed he knows "exist in Iraq."
Everything he told the American people, and the world, was a pack
of lies. He had his Secretary of State, Colin Powell, tell the
United Nations the same story, with visuals. All of it later
refuted, and proven to be false.

The first war GWB started was the invasion of Afghanistan, after
the events of 9-11. That war lasted two weeks. Maybe three.
The Taliban was removed from power, but the leader of al-Qaeda
got away. And remained free for many years, until GWB's successor
Barack Obama took care of the problem. Yet, even today, US troops
remain in Afghanistan. 17 years *after* the US "won" the war.

Why did GWB invade Iraq after winning the war in Afghanistan?
Because GWB needed a bigger war in order to win a second term.
And also because there was money to be made for certain groups
of very wealthy people.

Life is cheap. The young fight the wars so that rich old men
can benefit. What a crock.


As Good As It Looks

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