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SubjRoyalty Worshippers

Hello Bjorn!

19 May 18 21:14, you wrote to me:

WD>>> I'd never do that.

MM>> But you probably would get up at 4am if your binkd server
MM>> crashed (and you knew about it).

BF> But surely you appreciate that such a thing is much more important
BF> than a UK Royal wedding?

Well, yes.

MM>> Let people enjoy things.

BF> BOC. But what I think Ward is thinking about is the various
BF> accusations from a few USAians posted in various echoes about how us
BF> piss-ant little countries in Europe are Royalty Worshippers. When in
BF> fact, most of us don't give a shit. Almost all Royalties over here are
BF> just for show, they have zero power to do anything.

That's the problem with the world today, very vocal minorities. They shout
and shout and shout, and convice others that this is what society thinks, so
they should belive it too, or just stay silent (and stay home on voting day).

BF> Yes, we have a lot of constitutional monarchies, but the real power
BF> is within our parliaments. We kinda prefer that rather having a
BF> buffoon elected by some 25% of the people having too much power.

I've been watching "The Crown". It's facinating.


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