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Hello mark,

DS>>> Prove it. Other than echoing a debunked fox news(?) report, you have
DS>>> no basis for that claim. Take a look at the snoops article for real
DS>>> information.

DS>>> ongb

GD>> so wikipedia is fake but is real, rrright?

ml> wikipedia can be edited by anyone at any time... anything can be written
ml> with no proof... it takes others to find it, question it and remove it if
ml> it is false...

The snopes piece is accurate, but is extremely misleading, thus
making it false. Here is the original quote, by Donald J. Trump,
that started this whole bunch of nonsense -

"He's not a war hero. He was a war hero because he was captured.
I like people who weren't captured." ~Donald J. Trump, July 2015

The news media then went into a frenzy, denouncing Trump as being
unpatriotic and un-American, for what he had said about McCain.

Various blogs then sprang up denouncing McCain, in efforts to
support Trump. Not that anything in those blogs had any truth.

Enter the snopes article, which cherry-picked some of those
juicy items, in order to refute the claim that McCain was not
a hero. IOW, quite easy to show the articles in question as
being scurrilous.

However, there is one man who knew the truth. And he did
state it. The unvarnished truth. Read my posts to Dale S.
to find out more.

GD>> what would you say if I told you that there are sources that suggest
GD>> and show that is phony. Just because something fits your
GD>> narrative, does not mean that it is real, all this really means that
GD>> you have been sufficiently con'd to believe what they are telling you.

ml> you are looking in the mirror when you say that, aren't you? you, too, are
ml> drinking the koolaid...

Must be good koolaid, because Greg is absolute right.


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