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Hello Greg,

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LL>>> You want a true American hero? Here's two of them -

LL>>> John McCain and John Kerry, both veterans of Vietnam,
LL>>> and both recipients of the Purple Heart.

GD>>> John "songbird" McCain is a looser, no not because he was
GD> captured,
GD>>> because he sang like a songbird by his own words "I'll give
GD> military
GD>>> information if you will take me to the hospital."

DS>> Prove it. Other than echoing a debunked fox news(?) report, you have
GD> no
DS>> basis for that claim. Take a look at the snoops article for real
DS>> information.


GD> so wikipedia is fake but is real,
GD> rrright? what would you say if I told you that there are sources that
GD> suggest and show that is phony.
GD> Just because something fits your narrative, does not mean that it is real,
GD> all this really means that you have been sufficiently con'd to believe
GD> they are telling you.

Read what Col. David Hackworth wrote about John McCain.

The snopes piece is trash. It was written as an intentional
piece to help McCain. IOW, ignore the truth in order to present
false evidence. Fake news would a good way of describing it.


Nobody Beats Our Meat

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