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SubjRoyalty Worshippers
WD>> I'd never do that.

MM> But you probably would get up at 4am if your binkd server crashed (and
MM> you knew about it).

But surely you appreciate that such a thing is much more important than a UK
Royal wedding?

MM> Let people enjoy things.

BOC. But what I think Ward is thinking about is the various accusations from
a few USAians posted in various echoes about how us piss-ant little countries
in Europe are Royalty Worshippers. When in fact, most of us don't give a shit.
Almost all Royalties over here are just for show, they have zero power to do

Yes, we have a lot of constitutional monarchies, but the real power is
within our parliaments. We kinda prefer that rather having a buffoon elected by
some 25% of the people having too much power.



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