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SubjRoyalty Worshippers

Hello Ward!

19 May 18 13:45, you wrote to All American Friends:

WD> Let it be known from this day forward that the USA are bigger royalty
WD> worshippers than some of us here in Europe have ever been.

WD> We are able to put it in perspective, you are not.

WD> There's a church in London, as we speak, full with American ladies
WD> wearing funny hats and uggly dresses, the streets of London are lined
WD> by Americans, people that I know in the US getting up at 4am to tune
WD> their TV into this wedding...

WD> I'd never do that.

But you probably would get up at 4am if your binkd server crashed (and you
knew about it).

Let people enjoy things.


... Are your cookies made with real Girl Scouts?
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