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SubjTexas Style Shooting
Hello Everybody,

Another school shooting.
This time in Santa Fe, Texas.
By a 17-year-old kid who wore
the same trenchcoat every day,
for years. Talk about a smelly
guy. And to think he was on
the football team. Not sure
for how long, as nobody would
be willing to tell.

10 dead, including one teacher.
And another 10 wounded.

Would have been a lot more, had
his intentions of setting off bombs
and explosives been accomplished.

Was it unusual for a student to
be wearing a trenchcoat on a hot
day in Texas? The same trenchcoat
every day, for years? Apparently
not. And he could not be stopped
and frisked, as that would have
been a violation of his civil

No need for metal detectors in
Texas schools. No need for safety
drills, either. Just let every
student come dressed as s/he wants,
armed or not. Nobody will care.

We should all thank the Lord the
student chose not to open fire during
a football game ...


Big Or Small We Lay Them All

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