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Hello Dale,

LL>> You want a true American hero? Here's two of them -

LL>> John McCain and John Kerry, both veterans of Vietnam,
LL>> and both recipients of the Purple Heart.

GD>> John "songbird" McCain is a looser, no not because he was captured,
GD>> because he sang like a songbird by his own words "I'll give military
GD>> information if you will take me to the hospital."

DS> Prove it. Other than echoing a debunked fox news(?) report, you have no
DS> basis for that claim. Take a look at the snoops article for real
DS> information.


This is a quote from America's most decorated soldier in Vietnam,
Colonel David Hackworth -

-=begin quote=-

McCain's Silver Star narrative for the period 27 October 1967 the day
after he was shot down to 8 December 1968 reads:

"His captors… subjected him to extreme mental and physical cruelties
in an attempt to obtain military information and false confessions for
propaganda purposes. Through his resistance to those brutalities, he
contributed significantly towards the eventual abandonment…" of such
harsh treatment by the North Vietnamese.

Yet in McCain's own words just four days after being captured, he
admits he violated the U.S. Code of Conduct by telling his captors
"O.K, I'll give you military information if you will take me to the

A Vietnam vet detractor says, "He received the nation's third highest
award, the Silver Star, for treason. He provided aid and comfort to
the enemy!"

The rest of his valor awards issued automatically every year while he
was a POW read much like the Silver Star.
More boilerplate often repeating the exact same words.
An example:

"By his heroic endeavors, exceptional skill, and devotion to duty, he
reflected great credit upon himself and upheld the highest traditions
of the Naval Service and the United States Armed Forces."

Yet McCain's conduct while a POW negates these glowing comments.
The facts are that he signed a confession and declared himself a
"black criminal who performed deeds of an air pirate."

-=end quote=-

There's more. A lot more. But the picture is very clear. When
Colonel Hackworth first posted his diatribe about McCain on his blog,
the site was hacked numerous times so the general public would never
find out. His syndicated column had only briefly mentioned McCain's
activities, nothing in detail as on his blog.

But thanks to the internet, and google, none of those entries
have been lost. It took me no more than five seconds to find what
I was looking for. How long do you think it took Trump & Co. to
find it?

I'll post the url to ALL so that others can also chime in with their
own thoughts.


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