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SubjThe 2001-09-11 "attack"
Hello Bob,

LL>> David Koresh was not a crazy person. He was simply a school teacher,
LL>> protecting himself and his students from armed invaders. But even his
LL>> best efforts were not enough, as many still got shot, (including
LL>> Koresh) and the compound going up in smoke as the invaders set fire to
LL>> the place.

RB> You must be joking. But this matter was nothing to joke about.

The agents who tried to negotiate with Koresh did not believe
he was a crazy man. They said he was a manipulator who fully knew
what he was doing. He was a school teacher, certified in the
state of Texas, his compound being a private school rather than
public. He taught the three R's (reading, plus an extra R (for
religion). The religious group he belonged to, and headed, was
known as the Branch Davidians. I will not go into the details
of what their beliefs were, except to say it was a doomsday

It does not take much to be certified to teach school (pre-K to
grade 12) in the state of Texas. Just a BA or BS. That qualifies
an individual to teach any and all subjects. Makes no difference
if an individual got a degree in history, biology, or physical
education (PE). Not only that, but teachers in Texas get paid
three times as much as teachers in Louisiana, which has much
more stringent rules (the minimum is a masters in education, and
can teach only within chosen subject area).

Public schools in Texas do have some rules, which are minimum.
Private schools in Texas basically have no rules at all.

That is why David Koresh could get away with getting paid for what
he did, with all the parents praising his name. Tuition, plus room
and board, and well, you get the idea.

The whole thing was mishandled from the beginning, and led to
many people getting killed, dying either by getting shot or in a
giant fireball. While doomsday cults may be dangerous, sometimes
I wonder if those who confront the cultists are more dangerous.


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