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SubjWitch Hunt
Hello Greg,

LL>> "This is a witch hunt!" ~Donald J. Trump

LL>> The Bengazi Investigation - two and a half years

GD> A coverup of Clinton failures.

Was Secretary of State Hillary Clinton indicted? When was the trial?
If there was evidence of her having committed any wrongdoing, certainly
it would have brought to light, and charges filed. After all, the
events in Bengazi happened when the Republicans controlled both houses
of Congress.

LL>> The Ken Starr Investigation - four full years

GD> A coverup of Clinton failures.

President Bill Clinton was hugely successful. So successful that
when he left office as the most popular president in US history.
Even more popular than "The Great Communicator", Ronald Reagan.

Imagine that. A president who had been impeached, and exonerated
by the Senate, on frivolous charges of getting a blowjob from a
White House intern. Now had the intern been a guy, everybody would
have been calling for his head. But Bill Clinton was, and is, very
much a ladies' man ...

LL>> The Mueller Investigation - just getting started

GD> just getting started? it has been going since,
GD> May 15, 2017. I think it's time, to put up or shut up.

Today is the one-year anniversary of when the investigation began.
Trump is making so much of a fool of himself that none of the networks
want the investigation to end. And then there is the Stormy Daniels
affair ...


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