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SubjThe 2001-09-11 "attack"
Hello Greg,


GD>> Todd Beamer is a matter of public record via Wikipedia, so what?

LL>> What you read on Wikipedia is "fake news". As I pointed out, with
LL>> two cites backing it up, is those alleged cell phones made from the
LL>> airplane while in flight could not have happened. Also, the person
LL>> claiming to be Todd Beamer was just a pretender, not the real deal.
LL>> The time line is also off, thus proving Wikipedia's claims to be
LL>> fraudulent.

GD>> Their many references are all lying?

LL>> The references cited in Wikipedia's article may have been accurate,
LL>> but what was claimed on those references was inaccurate, untrue, call
LL>> it whatever you want.

GD> It's Wikipedia it's used all the time
GD> Lee Lofaso vs The internet and compendium of human knowledge.
GD> Does not look good for you lee.

Just because there happens to be an article on Wikipedia does
not make it true. Fact is based on evidence. There is no evidence
that supports the claim that Todd Beamer (or anybody else on the
plane) could have used cell phones to communicate with those on
the ground.

GD> f all historical
GD> human knowledge on the subject.

GD>>> Ms. Beamer was even honored on behalf of her late husband's
GD> sacrifice
GD>>> George W. Bush at the State of the Union during his time as
GD> President

LL>> Ms. Beamer never spoke to her husband when he was in flight.
LL>> President George W. Bush spoke of all who lost their lives on
LL>> that fateful day, but was not about to reveal the truth as to
LL>> what actually happened. And for good reason. No president
LL>> would want to tell the American people that he/she had ordered
LL>> a passenger aircraft to be shot down by the military. Even
LL>> if it was a necessary action.

LL>> A president takes an oath to "preserve, protect and defend the
LL>> Constitution of the United States" - from all enemies, both foreign
LL>> and domestic.

LL>> Anything less would be grounds for treason.

GD>>> This is complete bizarro-world with these alternate theory's.

LL>> If I was president at the time, given the same situation, I would
LL>> have had no choice but to order the plane shot down.

GD>>> You know what I think, as to reason why people have a different
GD> accou
GD>>> this matter, I think they are trying to diminish just how Great
GD> we ar
LL>> a
GD>>> people, to make themselves feel better, keep trying.

LL>> George W. Bush joined the Texas Air National Guard as a means
LL>> to avoid having to serve in Vietnam.

LL>> Donald "Bone Star Cadet" Trump got five deferments due to his
LL>> medical condition as a means to avoid having to serve in Vietnam.

LL>> Talk about chicken-hawks. All they can do is cluck cluck
LL>> at everybody, falsely claiming to be The Great American Hero
LL>> who should be worshipped and adored by all.

LL>> You want a true American hero? Here's two of them -

LL>> John McCain and John Kerry, both veterans of Vietnam,
LL>> and both recipients of the Purple Heart.

GD> John "songbird" McCain is a looser, no not because he was captured,
GD> he sang like a songbird by his own words "I'll give military information
GD> you will take me to the hospital."

John McCain did what duty required him to do. When he bailed,
he hit the ground, breaking both arms and a leg, and almost drowned,
saving himself only by using his teeth to drag himself out. He
spent five and a half years in captivity, much of it in solitary
confinement, and was tortured beyond belief. Donald Trump's
claim of John McCain being a "traitor" due to a propaganda message
he was forced to make just before he was ultimately released was
beyond the pale.

If you ever find the time, watch a movie called "The Rack" -
starring Paul Newman. It will open your eyes to what war is
really about. And why John McCain is, and always shall, be
remembered as a True American Hero.


We're Great In Bed

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