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SubjThe 2001-09-11 "atta
-=> Dale Shipp wrote to Gregory Deyss on 05-17-18 02:15 <=-

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LL> You want a true American hero? Here's two of them -
LL> John McCain and John Kerry, both veterans of Vietnam,
LL> and both recipients of the Purple Heart.

GD> John "songbird" McCain is a looser, no not because he was captured,
GD> because he sang like a songbird by his own words "I'll give military
GD> information if you will take me to the hospital."

DS> Prove it. Other than echoing a debunked fox news(?) report, you have
DS> no basis for that claim. Take a look at the snoops article for real
DS> information.

Dale, when will you understand facts down't matter to Trumpsters. They hear
something rediculous that gives them a woodie and run with it thinking that all
others will follow along. I'm sure some will even give the moron a pass now
that the truth is out he knew all along about the payment yet flatly denied it.
He's being played by both China, Iran and North Korea. Sad state of affairs.



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