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SubjWhat if USA had stayed home after WWII?
Ward Dossche wrote to Robert Bashe on Tuesday May 15 2018 at 10:48:

WD>>> Correct. And how does that deviate from what I wrote?

RB>> You attempted to dstract from the fact that the captain, and only he,
RB>> was responsible for the fact that these people COULD apply for help
RB>> in Antwerp.

WD> Again, if Wikipedia is your only source then look for more. The 8th
WD> law of Dossche is a good reference.

So somebody else except the said captain was responsible for transporting the

WD> Captain Schroeder negotiated nothing concerning the landing of
WD> passengers in Antwerp.

Nor was that ever claimed. But without his efforts, none of the refugees would
ever have reached Antwerp.

WD>>> He was rightfully declared a "Righteous among the Nations" ...

RB>> Finally!

WD> You are pulling a Witt on me, Bob.

Just trying to set the record straight. You act as if the refugees somehow swam
to Antwerp, where they were rescued by "heroic" Belgians. That's not quite the
way things happened.

I think we both have a point here.

Cheers, Bob

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