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SubjRe: The 2001-09-11 "attack"
On 05/15/18, Lee Lofaso said the following...

LL> Hello Greg,
LL> WD>> In the telecom industry with 2001 technology we tried to duplicate
LL> WD>> cellphone conversations from a jet flying at low altitude at about
LL> WD>> 850km/h.
LL> WD>> Couldn't do anything except some garbled stuff. Transmitter is hoppi
LL> WD>> from cell to cell too fast to be effective.
LL> WD>> Those cellphone conversations never happened. Technically impossible
LL> WD>> that time. GSM yes, North America no.
LL> GD> Whats with these ridiculous theory's? What I have written about the l
LL> GD> Todd Beamer is a matter of public record via Wikipedia, so what?
LL> What you read on Wikipedia is "fake news". As I pointed out, with
LL> two cites backing it up, is those alleged cell phones made from the
LL> airplane while in flight could not have happened. Also, the person
LL> claiming to be Todd Beamer was just a pretender, not the real deal.
LL> The time line is also off, thus proving Wikipedia's claims to be
LL> fraudulent.

LL> GD> Their many references are all lying?
LL> The references cited in Wikipedia's article may have been accurate,
LL> but what was claimed on those references was inaccurate, untrue, call
LL> it whatever you want.

It's Wikipedia it's used all the time
Lee Lofaso vs The internet and compendium of human knowledge.
Does not look good for you lee.

f all historical
human knowledge on the subject.
LL> GD> Ms. Beamer was even honored on behalf of her late husband's sacrifice
LL> GD> George W. Bush at the State of the Union during his time as President
LL> Ms. Beamer never spoke to her husband when he was in flight.
LL> President George W. Bush spoke of all who lost their lives on
LL> that fateful day, but was not about to reveal the truth as to
LL> what actually happened. And for good reason. No president
LL> would want to tell the American people that he/she had ordered
LL> a passenger aircraft to be shot down by the military. Even
LL> if it was a necessary action.
LL> A president takes an oath to "preserve, protect and defend the
LL> Constitution of the United States" - from all enemies, both foreign
LL> and domestic.
LL> Anything less would be grounds for treason.
LL> GD> This is complete bizarro-world with these alternate theory's.
LL> If I was president at the time, given the same situation, I would
LL> have had no choice but to order the plane shot down.
LL> GD> You know what I think, as to reason why people have a different accou
LL> GD> this matter, I think they are trying to diminish just how Great we ar
LL> a
LL> GD> people, to make themselves feel better, keep trying.
LL> George W. Bush joined the Texas Air National Guard as a means
LL> to avoid having to serve in Vietnam.
LL> Donald "Bone Star Cadet" Trump got five deferments due to his
LL> medical condition as a means to avoid having to serve in Vietnam.
LL> Talk about chicken-hawks. All they can do is cluck cluck
LL> at everybody, falsely claiming to be The Great American Hero
LL> who should be worshipped and adored by all.
LL> You want a true American hero? Here's two of them -
LL> John McCain and John Kerry, both veterans of Vietnam,
LL> and both recipients of the Purple Heart.

John "songbird" McCain is a looser, no not because he was captured, because he
sang like a songbird by his own words "I'll give military information if you
will take me to the hospital."

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