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SubjRe: What if USA had stayed home after WWII?


RB>WD> I'm not certain what you're trying to prove Bob...

RB> Only the Belgium was NOT a core of resistance to the Nazis, and also NOT
RB> a "safe haven" in 1939. I object to your attempts to "whitewash" the
RB> situation.

This is what I wrote about Nazism in Belgium...

Date: 14 May 18 18:34:21
From: Ward Dossche

There was a very strong Nazi-party in Belgium prior to the war (and in the
Netherlands, and in France, and in many other countries). My parents were 18
and 17 and recalled the arrival of the St.Louis in port as big news.

There were mass demonstrations quay-side by Nazis and to ensure the safety of
the passengers there were three trains on the quay cordoned off by the

Hardly whitewashing anything.

Belgium, sir, was the only country within sailing distance of the vessel, that
opened its harbour. Not France, not the Netherlands, not the UK, not Denmark,
not Sweden, not Norway. It was a direct order by King Leopold III to do so.

For all intents and purpose plus by any definition in the book, it was the only
safe haven the passengers could reach.

Until May 10th Jews in Belgium were in a safe haven, they were not molested,
there was no Kristallnacht here, for as long as there has been written history
of my town, there always has been a Jezish presence which continues until this
very day.


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