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SubjRe: What if USA had stayed home after WWII?

RB>WD> Correct. And how does that deviate from what I wrote?

RB> You attempted to dstract from the fact that the captain, and only he, was
RB> responsible for the fact that these people COULD apply for help in
RB> Antwerp.

Again, if Wikipedia is your only source then look for more. The 8th law of
Dossche is a good reference.

Captain Schroeder negotiated nothing concerning the landing of passengers in
Antwerp. None of the passengers applied for help in Antwerp, the Jewish Joint
Distribution Committee had taken care of that already, the lists of whom was
going where had already been drawn up.

RB>WD> He was rightfully declared a "Righteous among the Nations" ...

RB> Finally!

You are pulling a Witt on me, Bob. You made several innocent incorrect remarks
ans now you make it sound as if you pulled something out of me at great
lengths. I know you better that having to do something like that.


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