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SubjNo Peace Possible
RB> Phil Kimble wrote to Robert Bashe on Thursday May 10 2018 at 12:29:

PK>> Now you know that Auschwitz was a Polish POW camp that was overly
PK>> stuffed with both Russian & Polish prisioners of war.

RB> You don't really believe that, do you? This is a fairytale I haven't
RB> heard before. There were, in fact POW camps where prisoners -
RB> particularly Russians - were held under inhuman conditions, but
RB> Auschwitz was not one of these. Auschwitz-Birkenau was an
RB> extermination camp, pure and simple.
Yes, to a point in time. The orginal purpose for Auschwitz was an eastern front
POW camp that quickly turned into a dumping ground for the Jewish forced labor.
Thos that could work worked & those that couldnt "didnt".

PK>> Even the Arabs claim the whole Jewish thing was overrated. The only
PK>> exterminations that actually occurred was from eating the slop that
PK>> was served for dinner.

RB> Sorry, Phil, but that is pure crap.
Of course it is.

PK>> Thanks, I feel much better now!

RB> You may, but the rest of us, who are more familiar with the
RB> situation, feel only frustration that such crap is still being spread
RB> nowadays.
I have spent seeveral years studying & asking the why & how. Especially after
seeing the aftermath of WWI.

RB> Read a few books about the Nuremberg trials, or view "Judgement at
RB> Nurembeg", which provides a fairly decent narrative. I've done both -
RB> once read a fair amount of the original trial minutes, published (if
RB> I remember correctly) in 34 volumes, and they speak a clear language.
I actually lived in Nuremburg for 3 years as a US soldier. I actually have
great admiration for the German people. This is why I find it surprising that
the whole Jewish issue ocurred. This is what we see in the Balkans, Africa, but
not central Europe. Someone asked me what I thought of the book Mein Kampf. The
first half is interesting but the last half is baffeling. A 2 headed monster...


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