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SubjTrump blows Iran deal
Hello Greg,

WD>> So what is "America First" then?

GD> Definitely not the same as Iran's intentions,

What are Iran's intentions? Other than to protect itself
from other countries that seek to do it harm?

GD> we do not support mayhem in the Middle East,

When was the last time the US condemned Israel for its actions?

GD> nor to we fund Islamic Jihad with the America First agenda.

But Jewish jihad is okay? The entire world has seen what Israeli
troops have been doing to unarmed Palestinian youth demonstrators ...

GD> I am well aware of what was done with the Carter Administration with
GD> Zbigniew Brzezinski most known for his ill-advised policy forays turned
GD> to be funding the rebel Mujahideen group in hopes that they would drag the
GD> Soviet Union in a long, costly quagmire in the Middle East.

After the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, President Carter
led the call for countries around the world to boycott the Olumpics,
which were to be held in Moscow. Many chose to join in, as every
country in the world knew who the aggressor was. Of course, a
small handful of countries (such as Cuba) chose to ignore President
Carter's call, being fearful of retaliation.

Yes, it is true that President Carter began arming resistance
groups in Afghanistan. President Reagan followed suit when he
took office. As every US president would have, for as long as
Afghanistan remained occupied by Soviet troops.

GD> But this has nothing to do with Trump and his America First agenda.

Of course not. The Soviets had left decades before, and US President
Donald Trump has a great relationship with Russian President Vladimir
Putin. Which is why US President Trump ordered more US troops into
Afghanistan. With Russian President Vladimir Putin's blessing.

GD>>>> The United States is a Superpower.
WD>>> "was" ... the arms race took its toll also on the American military.

WD>>> A superpower beaten in the rice-paddies and in the deserts of the
WD>> You can't even deal with an ragtag-group of non-regulars.

GD> Your information is out of date and or just plain wrong. The media is
GD> to be 90 percent negative when it comes to talking about
GD> President Trump.

The US won the war in Vietnam. Donald "Bpne Star Cadet" Trump got
five deferments, so he did not have to serve. But he was a true
patriot, staying home in America as the military's top cheerleader.

The Vietnamese call the conflict "The American War" because of
who the invaders were. Decades before then, the Vietnamese had
fought, and won, a different war they called "The Japanese War".
Ho Chi Minh was, and remains, a god to the Vietnamese people.

You are talking about a people that defeated the Japanese, the
French, and the Americans. And then went on to become best friends
with all of them. Now that is what you call winning by losing.

GD> It is now Five Top Isis 'scumbags' that have been captured by the U.S.
GD> Military.

The so-called ISIS commanders were leftovers from Saddam Hussein's
regime. In other words, the US created ISIS by invading Iraq.

GD> Isis is dissolving faster then the kool-aid powder that you seem to be
GD> consuming.

The territory controlled by ISIS has been significantly diminished,
but most of the leadership remains underground.


We Put Big Loads In Tight Places

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