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SubjTrump blows Iran deal
Hello Greg,

WD>>>> The only thing that came out of this is the US showing the rest
GD> of
WD>>>> the world that it's an unreliable partner. You cannot make
WD>>>> agreements with it. The US's word is without meaning or value.

GD> It was a very poor deal done with stupid people who know nothing about
GD> negotiation skills.

Better to let Israel take of it.

GD> Nothing discussed about releasing the hostages.

Better to let Israel take care of it.

GD> Sites not allowed for inspection.

Better to let Israel take care of it.

GD> Allowing Iranians to inspect themselves.

Better to let Israel take care of it.

GD> Chanting Death to America,

Better to let Israel ("Little Satan") take care of it.

GD> Sanctions relief will make the region far less safe. The sanctions relief
GD> and the renewed ability to sell more oil on the open market could wind up
GD> bringing $300-400 billion into the Iranian economy, bolstering the Iranian
GD> government. Essentially, this means the deal will pay for undermining U.S.
GD> policy and interests throughout the region.

Trump's message to Iran is the same message he gives to all,
in particular to Muslim terrorists -

"No deal. We win. You lose."

If Iran thinks he is joking, they should ask "Little Satan".

GD> The deal enriches and emboldens Iran an unstable and unprincipled nation.
GD> And
GD> it destabilizes the region even further and its puts its neighbors our
GD> allies
GD> at risk. It is a bad deal. While the Obama administration insisted that
GD> there
GD> were only two choices the deal or war the choices were neither that
GD> nor that simple. This deal is not the antidote to war. Rather, it makes
GD> increased conflict all the more likely.

Iranians are very principled. So are Muslim terrorists. But those
principles should not be confused as being one and the same.

GD> Has the Iranian regime been required to halt its arming, financing and
GD> training of the Hezbollah terrorist army in south Lebanon?
GD> No. (This kind of non-nuclear issue was not discussed at the

The mullahs in Iran should be regarded in the same light as all
Muslim terrorists. But that does not mean that all Iranians, or
even most, share those same views.

GD> They are not a good neighbor to other surrounding nations, they are a
GD> menace and a threat to the world peace.

All violence should be condenmend. Regardless of what party
commits those acts. Are Jewish terrorists any more innocent than
Muslim terrorists? Or Christian terrorists (such as David Koresh
or Timothy McVeigh)?


Our Nuts, Your Mouth

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