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Hello mark,

DS>>> Twenty years ago, weren't there phones in the back of some seats on
DS>>> airplanes that could be used to call out, albeit at a very high
DS>>> charge per minute?

BF>> In some planes, yes. But if all the Saudi Arabian pilots were so
BF>> skilled after just a few hours of pilot training in a Cessna 172 or
BF>> whatever, that they could disengage the transponder, don't you think
BF>> that they could also disengage that function?

ml> cessna's don't have such phones so if those guys could find that one
ml> particular switch amongst the hundreds and hundreds of other switches,
ml> possibly...

Muslim terrorists were flying the craft and had no need of such
phones. They had the guidance of Allah, who spoke directly to them ...

ml> look, flying is easy... anyone can fly, lessons or not... taking off and
ml> landing are quite different than flying... taking off is very simple but
ml> landing, while also simple, is much harder...

ml> i fly numerous craft in a simulator all the time... the hardest part is
ml> learning where all the switches and knobs are that need to be used... once
ml> in the air, they all fly in the same manner so yeah, it is quite easy to
ml> see how someone with some hours in a GA craft might be able to fly a
ml> commercial craft that is already in the air...

That may be. But those Muslim pilots were far more skillful than
you could ever hope to be. Two of them managed to fly aircraft into
skycrapers, bringing both to the ground, one managed to expertly
fly an airplane right smack into one of the walls of the Pentagon,
and the other would have managed to complete his task had the
airplane he was piloting not been shot down before reaching its
intended target.


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