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SubjRe: What if USA had stayed home after WWII?
RB>WD> Fourth, the disembarkation in Antwerp was not negotiated by Captain
RB>WD> Schroeder but by the Jewish Joint Distribution Committee.

RB> So...

RB> "In March 1993, Yad Vashem honored Schr”der with the title of "Righteous
RB> Among the Nations" by the State of Israel."


Correct. And how does that deviate from what I wrote?

Schroeder was handpicked for the trip because he was not a party member and
they needed a trustworthy person as Nazi leadership knew the boat would be
turned back. They needed a non-Nazi to make the decision to return to Germany.

Schroeder's diplomacy mainly was in the harbour of Havanna. After that he was
running his ship ... remember 1939 ... there were no long range
radio-connections. His only mode of communication at sea was morse. No way to
manage intensive negotiations with just morse to which the rest of the world
was listening.

He attempted beaching the St.Louis near Miami but coastguard vessels made it
impossible on order of Cordel Hull Secretary of State. He also made
preparations to beach at Land's End so that all passengers could land in
England and be safe. During the night when that would happen he received a
cable from the JJDC in Paris that the Belgian King had offered the port of
Antwerp as a disembarkation point.

His merit also lies in the fact that a large portion of his crew were Nazi
party members and he strictly forbade harassment and enforced that the
passengers would be treated with respect as with any other cruise. Tecnically
it was a regular cruise with all services ... shows, restaurants, swimming
lessons, childcare for parents while dining, ...

He was rightfully declared a "Righteous among the Nations" ...

Again, Bob, I studied this, I worked on this and I don't need wikipedia to
provide me the information from all the messages I wrote about this.

Take care,


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