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SubjTrump blows Iran deal
Michiel van der Vlist wrote to Robert Bashe on Monday May 14 2018 at 10:54:

RB>>>> I'm aware of the case, but one man's claim still does not "prove"
RB>>>> anything.

MV>>> Odd. First you claim there is no one that has leaked the secret. And
MV>>> then when pointed out you are wrong, you discard it as "a story of
MV>>> only one man".

RB>> You totally twist what I wrote. I never claimed that "nodody has ever
RB>> leaked the secret",

MV> Indeed. Instead you suggested that everyone knowing about the secret
MV> had been shot.

I neither wrote that, nor did I "suggest" it. You're dreaming again. Come dopwn
to earth.

RB>> only that nothing posite or negative has yet been proven without a
RB>> doubt.

MV> Since when do you need proof without doubt when it concerns WMDs? You
MV> did not need proof without doubt when GWB claimed Irak had WMDs. You
MV> are measuring with two sticks Bob.

No, I think you are. As for Iraq, if military experts were convinced, how was
anyone in the public to know the facts behind the submitted "proof"?

Cheers, Bob

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