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SubjTrump blows Iran deal
Hello Robert,

On Monday May 14 2018 09:30, you wrote to me:

RB>>> I'm aware of the case, but one man's claim still does not "prove"
RB>>> anything.

MV>> Odd. First you claim there is no one that has leaked the secret.
MV>> And then when pointed out you are wrong, you discard it as "a
MV>> story of only one man".

RB> You totally twist what I wrote. I never claimed that "nodody has ever
RB> leaked the secret",

Indeed. Instead you suggested that everyone knowing about the secret had been

RB> only that nothing posite or negative has yet been proven without a
RB> doubt.

Since when do you need proof without doubt when it concerns WMDs? You did not
need proof without doubt when GWB claimed Irak had WMDs. You are measuring with
two sticks Bob.

Cheers, Michiel

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