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SubjRe: The 2001-09-11 "atta
RB>WD> Most, if not all, general aviation planes do have a transponder
RB>WD> squawked to 1200. I fly enough general aviation VFR to know that.

RB> In light planes? That would be something new to me. I took flying lessons
RB> in the mid-^960s in a Cessna Colt and there was nothing such thing
RB> aboard.

Times have changed Bob.

Montana is pretty non-busy airspace except above 30,000ft and everybody has
their transponder on. Only then do you realise how much there is up in the air.
In the newer cockpit layouts for general aviation you now also have screens and
with everybody having their transponder on and TCAS functioning it makes for a
big difference.

I've got some commercial aviation friends on 747 777 and 737 and they say that
these small planes are now better equipped than their big jets are.

Also I think in the mid-60-ies there were no transponders and certainly no


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