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SubjWhat if USA had stayed home after WWII?
Ward Dossche wrote to Robert Bashe on Sunday May 13 2018 at 12:43:

WD>>> You need to get your memory serviced.

RB>> True. It was the St. Lous in 1939:


RB>> And it had tried several times to allow jewish passengers to debark
RB>> in South America and the Caribbean, before it's landing in the USA
RB>> was forbidden. In the end, it returned to Germany, but first stopped
RB>> in the Netherlands, where some of it's passengers debarked. The rest
RB>> returned to Germany and a very uncertain future.

WD> Bullshit.

Thanks for disputing the Wikipedia account. Now all we have to do is to decide
which is more believeable.

WD> All the passengers disembarked there, not just "some".

This contradicts the facts of the matter. And the later survivors of the ship
who returned to Germany.

Cheers, Bob

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