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SubjNo Peace Possible
Michiel van der Vlist wrote to Robert Bashe on Saturday May 05 2018 at 12:38:

MV> I have crossed the so called "iron curtain" on several occasions.
MV> Those Vopos pointing automatic weapons at me looked hostile enough.
MV> The wittness stories about people being shot during an attempt at an
MV> unauthorized crossing do not sound all that friendly either.

MV> I have never seen the border between North and South Korea with my own
MV> eyes. So I can't compare. Can you?

I think so. Having also crossed the border between east and west Germany a
number of times, and viewing the situation in Korea, I think there was (no
longer in Germany) a world of difference.

I might add that I was once searched for "valuables" and questioned because I
wore a diamond ring I received from my father when I graduated from MIT - and,
believe it or not, because of a ONE-DOLLAR bill I had in my wallet as a
keepsake. I had to explain for nearly an hour before they finally let me pass.
At the time, I was visiting an acquaintence in Meissen, whom I had gotten to
know when he was visiting on busiiness in west Germany.

The aftermath was (sadly) amusing. I crossed the border and wanted to call my
acquaintence (at his business phone, as he had none at home), but was told the
call - inside the DDR - would take around 40 minutes to place ;-)

I coulkd relate other stories of this visit, but want to keep this short.

Cheers, Bob

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