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SubjNo Peace Possible
Gerrit Kuehn wrote to Michiel van der Vlist on Saturday May 05 2018 at 14:10:

GK> Just have a look at all the reflections of it in media, arts (movies
GK> etc.), politics and so on, as well in Germany as in any other Western
GK> country (can't talk for others, but it's probably similar there). In
GK> comparison to that, the Korean border pretty much did not exist as a
GK> topic, neither in Germany nor on European scale, a couple of years
GK> after the active war ended (maybe different in the US). However, it
GK> was the turning point that led West Germany from a demilitarised
GK> country into rearmament.

No, the reason for rearmament was that the Russians (USSR) had started to
station nuclear rockets in the GDR which threatened all of western Europe. And
as a counterweight, the Americans (not to mention the British and French)
wanted to rearm western Germany as a "buffer state". That didn't sit well with
many Germans, who realized that in a crunch _they_ would be in the middle of a
conflagration, but that's the way things developed.

Cheers, Bob

P.S. I read today hat Russia has stationed nuclear missles in Kaleningrad,
doubtless as a reaction to the western stationing of missles (for defence <g>)
in Poland. Tit for tat has always been the reason for such actions, whether by
the west or by the "other side".

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