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SubjNo Peace Possible
Gerrit Kuehn wrote to Robert Bashe on Saturday May 05 2018 at 12:55:

GK>>> 1000 deaths. Hostile enough?

To remind readers: this was a comparison of the Korean and internal German
borders before elimination of the latter.

RB>> No. you meanwhile forget how life was before 1989?

GK> No, but obviously my perception of "hostility" is different from
GK> yours. <>

GK> Somehow makes me wonder where /you/ have been during these decades.

Here in Germany. I even visited the DDR several times during the early 1970s.
But I don't confuse issues. When was a west German shot trying to cross into
east Germany? And when was a border like in Korea ever made as airtight as in
Germany? Did east Germany have a habit of shooting down any aircraft over its

The situations were and are not comparable.

Cheers, Bob

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