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Hello Michiel!

05 May 18 12:38, Michiel van der Vlist wrote to Robert Bashe:

MvdV> I have never seen the border between North and South Korea with my
MvdV> own eyes. So I can't compare. Can you?

They have a rather large demilitarized zone around the border.
I think Bob has a point because in Korea the North attacked the South causing
(at least partly) some kind of a civil war. In Germany, Germans living East and
West never fought against each other at large scale, neither during WWII nor
after that.

However, the inner German was *the* place where the confrontation of the
Eastern and the Western block publicly condensed for decades. The longer this
status continued, the more you had the feeling on each side that there were
enemies on the other side only waiting for you to show a weakness and to invade
your country. Over decades, this moved into the veins not only of German
people, but also many others worldwide. Just have a look at all the reflections
of it in media, arts (movies etc.), politics and so on, as well in Germany as
in any other Western country (can't talk for others, but it's probably similar
In comparison to that, the Korean border pretty much did not exist as a topic,
neither in Germany nor on European scale, a couple of years after the active
war ended (maybe different in the US). However, it was the turning point that
led West Germany from a demilitarised country into rearmament. /This/ certainly
caused much more discussions in Europe than any border in Asia. Everyone was
fearing that the new type of proxy-war the US and the USSR had staged in Korea
might happen in Germany next. They were fearing it so much that even UK and
France (US anyway) rather wanted to see West Germany rearmed than

MvdV> Never mind. You claimed there never was a hostile border bewteen
MvdV> East and West Germany. It may or may not have been as bad as N/S
MvdV> Korea, but it was bad enough to qualify as hostile. Your claim is
MvdV> false.

That was what I had intended to say in the first place.


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