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SubjNo Peace Possible
Hello Robert,

On Saturday May 05 2018 11:59, you wrote to me:

MV>> Never a hostile border in Germany? Hmm, that brick wall with watch
MV>> towers, barbed wire and impressive warning signs looked pretty
MV>> hostile to me when I last saw it...

RB> Compare the border between north and south Korea, and than draw your
RB> own conclusions.

I have crossed the so called "iron curtain" on several occasions. Those Vopos
pointing automatic weapons at me looked hostile enough. The wittness stories
about people being shot during an attempt at an unauthorized crossing do not
sound all that friendly either.

I have never seen the border between North and South Korea with my own eyes. So
I can't compare. Can you?

Never mind. You claimed there never was a hostile border bewteen East and West
Germany. It may or may not have been as bad as N/S Korea, but it was bad enough
to qualify as hostile. Your claim is false.

Cheers, Michiel

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