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LL> Hello Greg,

LL> LL>> Whatever Hillary Clinton may, or may not, have done is old news.
LL> LL>> Old news that nobody cares about. She is not the president, and
LL> LL>> is highly unlikely to ever run for public office again.

You know dam well if you or I did a fraction of what she did, we would never
see the light of day again.

LL> According to the latest poll (conducted by CBS) 7 out of 10 Americans
LL> want the special counsel to continue the investigation and complete
LL> the task he was assigned to do. The truth should be important to us
LL> all, and should never be swept under the rug so it can be ignored.

I wonder what percentage of Americans would like to Clinton behind bars.

LL> It has nothing to do with "people on the left" - or people on the
LL> right or center, for that matter. It has everything to do with our
LL> democracy, and our future as a country.

Yeah I do not think so, this is nothing more the a democratic circus most of
these clowns are within the highest levels of our intelligence community, even
former retired clowns are being unmasked and now are exposed working with CNN
Why I am not surprised.

LL> LL> GD> Trying to unseat a elected President, LL> LL> We have three
methods to "unseat an elected President"

LL> 1. Elections

There is no evidence Russian collusion with Donald Trump or the Trump
Campaign. Donald Trump won the Presidency because the American People made a
choice in the election.

LL> 2. Impeachment by the House and Removal from Office by the Senate

Impeachment by it self does not mean removal, Bill Clinton was also
impeached, but the country was doing well. What your not mentioning is that
the senate would need an overwhelming vote, that is not going to happen, for
the same reasons.

LL> 3.25th Amendment

Not even a remote possibility.
His presidency is doing very well.

The Trump Administration is making them look pathetic to them, how an outsider
can come in and actually begin to fix what has been wrong for a very long time,
Donald Trump is making them look foolish and obsolete. Big League..

LL> LL>> Donald Trump's worst enemy is himself. If Democrats want to sink
LL> LL>> him, they should let him talk. And talk. And talk. It will not
LL> LL>> take long for the American people to turn off their television sets
LL> LL>> in total disgust. Or at least change the channel to something other
LL> LL>> than Fox News.

The Democrats are actually helping the President, this big blue wave of fresh
faced democrat onslaught said to be soon elected is not simply going to happen,
so let them continue to be frustrated & annoyed and keep up the talk about
Russian Collusion, and talks of impeachment and please continue to have stories
with undocumented sources which lead, like a road to nowhere and then switch
over to the weather channel; where it's stormy all the time.

LL> LL> Chelsea is too busy at the moment taking care of her children.

Better spend quality time with Grandma, before she goes bye bye for a while.

LL>> She did a fine job as Secretary of State, explaining the Obama
LL> LL>> administration's point of view. And she should be commended, not
LL> LL>> condemned.

Condemned is more like it, did you know the former CIA director was asked why
they waited several weeks before going to the site of the Benghzai attack,
"because it was unsafe to do so." he answered then why would you believe that
it would be safe for an U.S. Ambassador to exist there?

Condemned because Hillary Clinton lied to the victims families blamed the
attack on a anti-Muslim video was to blame.

Condemned because of her deletion of 30,000 emails of which were the property
of the U.S. Government. Treating hard-drives to several rounds of bleach-bit.
to wipe them clean. "What you mean, wipe? with a cloth or something?"
she shouldn't be allowed to pass GO and collect 200 million.
She should be hauled off to jail.

LL> GD> Then there would of been no problem, it's called pay to play.

LL> The Clinton Global Initiative is Bill's gig, not Hillary's.
LL> But I am sure she gives her man all the support in the world.

Yeah ok, What hers is hers and what his is hers.

LL> Hillary Clinton was, and is, the most respected and admired woman
LL> in the world. Michelle Obama is right up there with her, and may
LL> surpass her soon. But as for Melania Trump? Not even in Slovenia
LL> does she have a chance ...

Oh I dunno, she only speaks 5 languages, none of them are Ebonics, You Holla.
This first lady is not built like a member of the Los Angeles Lakers and she
does not have a adam's apple.

LL> Ronald Reagan, the president who challenged Mikhail Gorbachev
LL> to "tear down this wall!" in Germany, was also not able to do what
LL> Trump did. Ditto with George HW Bush. And Bill Clinton. And GWB.
LL> And Barack Obama.

After Kim witnessed the Tomahawks screaming towards Syria, Little Rocket Man
had a change of heart, whatever the reason, I am sure we will be watching
this situation very closely.

LL> It is all about him. The same as any other politician in his shoes.

Most politicians couldn't walk in his shoes, as most talk a good game to get
elected and then fail to fulfill what they promised.
Until now..

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