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SubjRe: No Peace Possible
Hello Gregory!

30 Apr 18 07:34, Gregory Deyss wrote to Lee Lofaso:

GD> You think the leaders of North and South Korea talking with one
GD> another, just happens.

It happens because they chose to do so. The main role is probably played by
Moon Jae-In. He is the one who has been continuously working for this during
the last years, although both the USA and Japan tried to get him off the track
as good as they could.

GD> Unemployment down,

Unemployment is developing not much different than it has been developing since

GD> GDP way up.

Yeah, at the cost of having national debt even farther beyond the tipping
point. And tax cuts are coming in.

GD> Stock Market soaring.

Dow Jones is basically developing like it has been developing since about 2010:

GD> Millions of jobs added.

Employment is developing like it has been developing since 2010:

GD> All the above are not signs that the President is a narcissist or
GD> egotistical.

No, they are a sign for an astonishing stability of US economics that so far
withstand most efforts of its president to wreck it.


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