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SubjRe: No Peace Possible
On 04/30/18, Lee Lofaso said the following...

LL> Whatever Hillary Clinton may, or may not, have done is old news.
LL> Old news that nobody cares about. She is not the president, and
LL> is highly unlikely to ever run for public office again.

You know what else is old news, this whole Russian collusion narrative,
additionally it has been a complete waste of millions of American payer

Of this because of the ego with people on the left. Trying to unseat a elected
President, these top executives within the intelligence community think they
know better, than the American people.

LL> Donald Trump's worst enemy is himself. If Democrats want to sink
LL> him, they should let him talk. And talk. And talk. It will not
LL> take long for the American people to turn off their television sets
LL> in total disgust. Or at least change the channel to something other
LL> than Fox News.

There is no way that I am watching the Clinton News Network.

LL> She did a fine job as Secretary of State, explaining the Obama
LL> administration's point of view. And she should be commended, not
LL> condemned.

If she was not tied to the Clinton Global Initiative and the Clinton
Foundation, by having money going into the foundation for time with the
Secretary of State. Then there would of been no problem, it's called pay to
play. Also how many millions she take for foreign nations who repress women,
and then from the other side of her mouth speak how she was a champion of
womens rights. This made her a hypocrite.

LL> Was Donald Trump directly involved in collusion with Russians
LL> concerning the presidential election? I hope not. But it is a
LL> known fact there was collusion between certain individuals of
LL> the Trump campaign and Russian operatives.


The Truth is already known, it was and is nothing more the a phony set of
documents to fabricate a story. It was never true and never happened.
They even obtained a visa warrant under false pretenses.

LL> What we have is an narcissistic egomaniac pretending to be president.

An egomaniac does not do all he can to make sure that peace is throughout
the world.
You think the leaders of North and South Korea talking with one another, just
Unemployment down,
GDP way up.
Stock Market soaring.
Millions of jobs added.

All the above are not signs that the President is a narcissist or egotistical.

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