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SubjNo Peace Possible
Hello Bob,

DD>> The sooner the USA goes tits-up the better!

RB> That's not thinking very far. USA gone, to be replaced by...what? Would
RB> prefer China?

Please try to understand. David is jealous that Trump will be
nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, due to his successful efforts
to convince the leaders of North and South Korea to get rid of
their nukes and sign a formal peace treaty - possibly leading to
unification as one Korea.

Meanwhile, look at what the leader of his country (New Zealand)
is doing. She is single, pregnant, and about to take maternity
leave due to the birth of her child. No time for politics for
her. Not until baby is ready to come out and play, Kiwi style.


It Ain't Payday If It Ain't Nuts In Your Mouth

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