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SubjNo Peace Possible
Hello Greg,

GD>>> Not only are they pissed off, they are running scared Hillary is
GD> so
GD>>> guilty if she wasn't, why would you smash blackberries cell
GD> phones,
GD>>> treat hard drives with bleech-bit and not to mention delete
GD> thirty
GD>>> thousand emails that were subpoenaed.

WD>> 1) you'd be totally amazed to discover how much information NTSB
WD>> technicians can extract from the totaly destroyed and burned
GD> electronics
WD>> of a crashed airliner.

WD>> A smahsed Blackberry would be peanuts.

WD>> 2) When the Twin Towers crashed on 9/11 entire databanks, and their
WD>> backups, measuring countless terabytesm crashed into the pits, hard
WD>> discs were smashed, mangled, exposed to enormous heat and pressures
GD> for
WD>> very long times.

WD>> Specialized data-retrieval companies retrieved up to 80% of the data,
WD>> including the emails of a guy cheating on his wife the day he was
WD>> killed. Your bleech-bit will not do a lot of good.

GD> So if what you say is true Ward, who is protecting her, were they paid
GD> If a Stormy Daniels story can surface after 11 years, then so can the dirt
GD> on
GD> Hillary, but then there is the difference, they are digging on Trump but
GD> so much on Hillary. It's just a matter of time before her luck runs out.

Whatever Hillary Clinton may, or may not, have done is old news.
Old news that nobody cares about. She is not the president, and
is highly unlikely to ever run for public office again.

It is understandable why she and Barack Obama are Donald Trump's
favorite punching bags. Trump's approval ratings are at 39% and
dropping. He has been named a subject of the investigation being
conducted by the special counsel, and has lied so many times to
the news media that people have lost count.

The Stormy Daniels affair is just one scandal of many, and he has
yet to tell the truth as to what heppened. Mueller will not bother
asking any questions about that, as it is not part of his mandate.
However, it does make a juicy story for the supermarket tabloids.

Donald Trump's worst enemy is himself. If Democrats want to sink
him, they should let him talk. And talk. And talk. It will not
take long for the American people to turn off their television sets
in total disgust. Or at least change the channel to something other
than Fox News.

Impeachment would be the worst thing the Congress (mainly Democrats
pushing the idea) could possibly do, as the special counsel has not
finished his investigation. The facts must be known so that those
responsible for wrongdoing will be held accountable for their actions.
Impeaching a president just because he or she is not liked would be
doing the entire country a disservice.

WD>> Think about it ... 30,000 ... that's a lot. Let's suppose Hillary
WD>> wrote 10 emails a day on average ... that would be like 3,000 days
GD> ...
WD>> How long was she in office? ... Less than 1,400 days meaning should
GD> have
WD>> written more than 20 a day to reach 30,000 ... that's from 'day-1' in
WD>> office. Plus all the other official stuff she did ... you know how
GD> much
WD>> time it can take to write a single decent email.

WD>> Just think about the amount of time you need to produce the crap that
WD>> you serve us all the time ... there's no way Hillary could have done
GD> all
WD>> that which is best proven by the fact there're no investigations
GD> (into
WD>> what would be a Federal crime) nor results of such an investigation.
WD>> Just a hoax and a report by Fox ... which in the meantime seems to
GD> try
WD>> to become a decent news station.

GD> She was Secretary of State for the U.S. Government, I would think that
GD> 100 emails a day would not be uncommon.

Flying around the world and meeting with world leaders, along with
writing a minimum of 100 emails a day, every day, for four years?
Along with consulting with President Obama, and running the entire
State Department? Not even the Eveready Battery has that much juice.

She did a fine job as Secretary of State, explaining the Obama
administration's point of view. And she should be commended, not

Even after winning the presidential election, Donald Trump continued
to make threats to put her in jail. As if he was some kind of tinhorn
dictator in charge of a third world country, such as Venezuela. You
do realize that is exactly what the current president of Venezuela
did to his opponent in the most recent election. The winner (himself)
remained in office, the loser (his opponent) was thrown in jail. And
remains in jail to this very day.

The crime was not in the job she did as US Senator or Secretary
of State. Her only crime was running against Donald Trump in the
general election for President of the United States.

I sure am glad the attorney general recused himself, and his
assistant refusing to carry out Trump's order, to have her arrested
and thrown in jail (without a trial).

Was Donald Trump directly involved in collusion with Russians
concerning the presidential election? I hope not. But it is a
known fact there was collusion between certain individuals of
the Trump campaign and Russian operatives.


Bob Mueller, former director of the X-Files, now special counsel.

The latest poll shows most Americans in favor of allowing the
special counsel to complete his investigation and submit his full
report. We all deserve to know the truth. Regardless of party
affiliation, if any. Our democracy was attacked, and remains
under attack. To sweep everything under the rug and pretend it
never happened would be not only a disgrace, but an act of
treason as doing so would allow the guilty to remain free and
suffer no consequences for their actions.

TR>>>> There are now criminal referals on
TR>>>> Andrew McCabe
TR>>>> Hillary Clinton
TR>>>> Loretta Lynch
TR>>>> James Comey

GD>>> They are all about to fall like domino's.

WD>> You've been spewing these stories now for how long? ... Very long...

GD> I am not spewing anything Ward, merely commenting.

Comedians, such as Bill Maher, are social commentators.

When the Reverend Jesse Jackson, Jr. ran for president, he was
asked by the news media what was his occupation. He told them
"I am a disseminator of public information." Walter Mondale
was also a man of the cloth, although of a much different color
than Jackson. However, the message they gave was the same,
being the message of love and peace rather than Trump's message
of hate and fear.

GD> Spewing was actually going on in here weeks before the election from
GD> commenting sarcastically and arrogantly how there was no chance in hell
GD> Donald Trump would ever be President.

What we have is an narcissistic egomaniac pretending to be president.


Everybody Loves Our Buns

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