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SubjRe: No Peace Possible
On 04-25-18, GREGORY DEYSS said to WARD DOSSCHE:

GD>On 04/25/18, Ward Dossche said the following...

WD> GD> Not only are they pissed off, they are running scared Hillary is so
WD> GD> guilty if she wasn't, why would you smash blackberries cell phones,
WD> GD> treat hard drives with bleech-bit and not to mention delete thirty
WD> GD> thousand emails that were subpoenaed.
WD> 1) you'd be totally amazed to discover how much information NTSB
WD> technicians can extract from the totaly destroyed and burned electronics
WD> of a crashed airliner.
WD> A smahsed Blackberry would be peanuts.
WD> 2) When the Twin Towers crashed on 9/11 entire databanks, and their
WD> backups, measuring countless terabytesm crashed into the pits, hard
WD> discs were smashed, mangled, exposed to enormous heat and pressures for
WD> very long times.

WD> Specialized data-retrieval companies retrieved up to 80% of the data,
WD> including the emails of a guy cheating on his wife the day he was
WD> killed. Your bleech-bit will not do a lot of good.

GD>So if what you say is true Ward, who is protecting her, were they paid
GD>off. If a Stormy Daniels story can surface after 11 years, then so can the
GD>dirt on Hillary, but then there is the difference, they are digging on
GD>Trump but not so much on Hillary. It's just a matter of time before her
GD>luck runs out.

Its the fact that she's a `democrat'.

If we were talking about 30,000 emails belonging to GW Bush or Donald Trump...
...they could have thrown them into a blast firnace and there' have been a
`recovery' of all the data in a very short time.

But since its a democrat...and a Clinton besides...then its a different story.

No chance of recovery.

GD>She was Secretary of State for the U.S. Government, I would think that
GD>even 100 emails a day would not be uncommon.

Easily. 1000 a month wouldn't be unusual in that position.

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