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SubjRe: No Peace Possible
On 04-25-18, WARD DOSSCHE said to GREGORY DEYSS:

WD>3) The story of the alleged 30,000 emails ... where does that number come
WD>from actually? If they are not there anymore, how were they counted and by

Wait a minute I gotta check something.......

Yeah, ok....

Hillary Clinton became Secretary of State in 2009 and served till 2013. Thats
four years. Giving it around 1000 to 1500 emails a month there could easily
have been closer to 40 or 50 thousand emails. Of course with Clinton they'll
never get the straight of it.

WD>Think about it ... 30,000 ... that's a lot. Let's suppose Hillary wrote 10
WD>emails a day on average ... that would be like 3,000 days ... How long was
WD>she in office? ... Less than 1,400 days meaning should have written more
WD>than 20 a day to reach 30,000 ... that's from 'day-1' in office. Plus all
WD>the other official stuff she did ... you know how much time it can take to
WD>write a single decent email.

They wouldn't just be all hers. She had all kinds of people emailing into that
server....staff, political people...others. Wwith her sort of official
activity 1000 or more emails a month wouldn't be unusual.

WD>Just think about the amount of time you need to produce the crap that you
WD>serve us all the time ... there's no way Hillary could have done all that
WD>which is best proven by the fact there're no investigations (into what
WD>would be a Federal crime)

Ah but there is. That's going to be getting looked into along with the
Clinton's `foundation', too.

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