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SubjNo Peace Possible

GK>Hello TIM!

GK>23 Apr 18 14:38, TIM RICHARDSON wrote to GERRIT KUEHN:

TR> Is he an actual `Puerto Rican'? Or a German national who `lived' in
TR> Puerto Rico?

GK>He came from Puerto Rico to Germany for University. Meanwhile he owns a
GK>PhD and was naturalised.

A `phd' in what? Gang warfare? Drugs? Runnin' a string of whores?

TR> It makes a difference.

GK>Nope. Either he's a nice guy or he's not. No matter where he's coming from
GK>or where he's going to.

TR> had become the bulwork of what stood between West Germans and the
TR> Soviet Army.

GK>/You/ were the bulwork? I think is was rather our country (and people)
GK>used as a buffer zone.

I was through a lot of German towns and bergs. Didn't see any `German' tanks
or armored infantry vehicles. Only American and some British. Doubt the
Germans would have been much help.

You weren't allowed to have much of an army after the war. They were either
already hung before I got there, or they were still under cover or hiding in
South America.

GK>If the Russian had really moved in, they might have
GK>been stopped at the Rhine, not much before.

TR> Yeah but....what do you care.

GK>Indeed, I could hardly care less. You have the shit boiling in your

GK>country. TR> You're in Germany and being overrun

TR> with Islamic
TR> radicals, rapists and murderers. The brown-shirt storm; only by
TR> rdical
TR> foreigners wearing turbans!

GK>Strange enough, I've never met any of them, and still feel as safe living
GK>here as ever. Probably it would not be much different to tolerate a couple
GK>of these people than having people spreading the kind of hatred you do.

Yeah, right.

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