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On 04/26/18, Ward Dossche said the following...

WD> GD> So if what you say is true Ward, who is protecting her, were they paid
WD> GD> off. If a Stormy Daniels story can surface after 11 years, then so can
WD> GD> the dirt on Hillary, but then there is the difference, they are diggin
WD> GD> on Trump but not so much on Hillary. It's just a matter of time before
WD> GD> her luck runs out.
WD> The GOP controls all at the moment. I cannot imagine if there were even
WD> the tiniest shred of evidence there wouldn't be a team of diggers
WD> shovelling as if their lives depended on it.
WD> I don't know of any decent ISP which doesn't keep several generations of
WD> back-ups of its servers. Out-here (Europe, Belgium) there's a
WD> requirement to keep a log with emails and after some time ISP's still
WD> need to keep a log of date/time/from/to/subject for up to 30 years. The
WD> technology was developed by an Israeli security company (I helped
WD> install it).
WD> You need to seriously consider also the case that, in fact, there is
WD> 'nothing'.
WD> GD> She was Secretary of State for the U.S. Government, I would think that
WD> GD> even 100 emails a day would not be uncommon.
WD> Running a country is not done by sending emails, just as it isn't run by
WD> tweets.

True but her emails were on not on a Private Government Server, they were on
a mom & pop server in a broom closet, it is likely that there are dozens of
countries that have them and I would bet wiki-leaks has them as well.

I like the tweets, it a direct communication with out the lefty filter, you
know what happens to a story when it gets twisted with liberal garbage.

You have folks like Jim Lacosta from CNN say things that are not remotely
true, and bare no witness to what was originally said.

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