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SubjRe: No Peace Possible
On 04/25/18, mark lewis said the following...

ml> On 2018 Apr 25 09:34:56, you wrote to Gregory Deyss:
ml> GD>> They are all about to fall like domino's.
ml> WD> You've been spewing these stories now for how long? ... Very long...
ml> some of us are seriously starting to believe that he's nothing but
ml> another russian bot like seen all over FB, twitter, IG, and other
ml> similar social media places... that or maybe he's just an "incel" and
ml> he's pissed off at the world about that? he resides in the twit filter
ml> along with several others... reading fidonet has never been so fast and
ml> clean ;) ;) ;)

I really do not you care what any of you pretend part-time or full fledged
liberals think or do. How you little you understand me Mark, I am not
remotely pissed off at the world, quite the opposite in-fact.
My President has had a great week, meeting with the leaders of France and
Germany, the Korea's are making peace, we will see how that pans out, just
have to wait and see, so why would I be pissed off? The media never talks about
these positive things, but I know that they never will give this man the credit
that he is due, and that is expected because of who they are.
These leftist clowns are insignificant and irrelevant, the President will
continue to do Great things.

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