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Hello Robert!

28 Apr 18 11:03, Robert Bashe wrote to Gerrit Kuehn:

WD>>> generations of back-ups of its servers. Out-here (Europe, Belgium)

GK>> How come we have legislation explicitely forbidding this, and all
GK>> providers I know of report to store for something between 0 and 180
GK>> days? And what "technology" should be needed to do that, anyway? You
GK>> just store it (ignoring the laws).

RB> Laws on this point are different in all the EU countries. Gerrit,
RB> you'te citing the German situation, whereas Ward may be citing the
RB> situation in Belgium.

I understood Ward's comment (Europe, Belgium) in a way that he was talking for
Europe in general *and* Belgium in particular. Otherwise (meaning only Belgium)
I would have expected (Belgium, Europe) or only (Belgium). As you say, the
situation in Germany is definitely very much different. Storing anything for 30
years would be illegal, even storing copies of metadata for more than a few
days needs sound reasoning. Storing copies of content (emails etc.) is illegal
under pretty much any circumstances.

RB> If so, I think I prefer Germany. We in Germany
RB> tend to be very allergic to attempts by the government to "monitor"
RB> us. That may be an historical attitude, but it exists.

As of 26th of May, the new EU-GDPR (DSGVO in Germany) will be in effect. This
will make monitoring and storing of data even more restricted, and the users
will get far more rights concerning the handling of their data - all over


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